White Steatite Scarab from the Mustaki Collection

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Object Description

A delicate Ancient Egyptian white steatite scarab bearing the royal cartouche of Thutmosis III and a seated female figure. The syllabic hieroglyphs of the cartouche read as ‘Men Kheper Re”, the throne name of Thutmosis. The seated figure is identified as female by the seated pose and absence of a beard. The figure holds an object, likely a ankh, and can be possibly identified with the Egyptian goddess Ma’at or with the symbolic representation of harmony. The scarab is pierced at each end to allow for suspension.

Not all scarabs bearing a royal name are contemporaneous to the ruling pharaoh. Some kings were held in particularly high regard, and thus their name appears on scarabs hundreds of years after their reign. Thutmosis III of Dynasty XVIII was particularly honoured in this way, with his praenomen, Men-kheper-re, used on scarabs for a period of circa 1000 years as a metaphor for good luck and plenty.

Circa 1200-500 BC

Object Condition

Very fine with some earthly encrustations, the details of the hieroglyphs are very clearly visible.

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