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Solid silver Wine labels sold separately:

1.Early Victorian silver Brandy label with original silver chain. 2.50cm high x 5.50cm wide 0.13oz Silversmith: Nathaniel Mills Birmingham 1852. £125.00

2.Heavy Unusual solid silver sherry decanter label. 4.50cm high x 5.30cm wide 0.58oz. Silversmiths: John Harvey and Sons London 1961. £50.00

3. Victorian Solid silver port label in the shape of a leaf with original chain. 6.00cm high x 9.00cm wide 0.77oz Silversmith: Henry Hyde Aston Birmingham 1862 £165.00

4. Silver Sherry label 5.00cm x 3.20 cm 0.33oz Silversmiths: R & K Birmingham 1994 £25.00

5. Silver Sherry label 5.00cm x 3.20 cm 0.26oz Silversmiths: Robatham & Son Birmingham 2005 £25.00

6. Silver Sherry label 6.00cm x 4.00 cm 0.47oz Silversmiths: P H Vogel Birmingham 1982 £35.00

7. Silver Sherry label 600cm x 4.00 cm 0.50oz Silversmiths: Ray Hall Birmingham 1996 £35.00

8. Silver Sherry label 5.50cm x 4.00 cm 0.35oz Silversmiths: D J Silver London 1968 £45.00

9. Silver Vodka label 5.50cm x 4.00 cm 0.37oz Silversmiths: W I Broadway Birmingham 1994 £35.00.

10.Silver Sherry label 5.50cm x 4.00 cm 0.34oz Silversmiths: Harrods Ltd. Birmingham 1994 £35.00

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