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Fog Bandit is the leading ‘no-residue’ Security Fog solution with a strong provenance in protecting staff, and pieces of significance / value.

Once activated out of business hours either as part of an alarm system, the Fog Bandit creates a screen of dense fog (6 metres within the first 2 seconds) towards likely break-in points pushing an intruder out and minimising any associated damage. The Fog Bandit then back fills the whole premises / area within seconds with security fog and leaves NO residue. After an activation, the Fog Bandit automatically resets itself and performs a self-cleaning cycle therefore negating the need for an engineer call-out. Producing 28 cubic metres of dense fog per second a single Fog Bandit can activate between 3 and 25 times (depending on the size of the room it is protecting) before an exchange refill cartridge is required. A single Fog Bandit can protect a room size between 50 to 500 cubic metres.

Bandit UK Ltd offer free site surveys, risk assessments and demonstrations to all LAPADA members.

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