Matthew Ford

A love for Art and Antiques was the inspiration to set up Leopold Eaton. Having a background in Art History to MA Level provided the platform to to engage with Artists, Curators and Museums alike.

With experience in running Art Galleries, Antique Shops & Creative Spaces we understand that art, no matter its cost, is precious not just for the artists but for the curators and the owners as well.

We also have a good deal of experience in the transportation and storing of Wine (Antique up to the modern Classics) and can provide advice on the storing or your collection and the transportation across the UK.

Installation and Gallery Services

At Leopold Eaton we have experience and understanding of the display and presentation of art and antiques.

-Having run and managed galleries we can advise on the display of art works, whether they be at a private residence, small gallery or museum.

-The display of art is paramount to the way the public perceive and appreciate the works in front of them. Having a high academic understanding of the presentation and perception of art we can advise on best practices for display.


83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ