Dominic Strickland

Specialists in antique Walking Canes, fine Arms and Armour, and Maritime antiques.

Michael German Antiques has been dealing in fine antiques for three generations.

Michael founded the company as it is known today in 1972, after working for two decades with his father in the internationally - renowned P.C.L. German Antiques.

Joined by his son-in-law Dominic Strickland in 1996, who is now at the helm of the business, the company continues to enjoy a tradition of specialist antique dealership.

Today we specialise in three specific areas: Arms & Armour; Walking Canes; and Maritime & Whaling works of art.

We always seek to carry exceptional examples of rare and unusual items in each of these disciplines.

We can also source specific items, and can offer advice and service for installations, care and display of collections.

We look forward to you visiting our gallery in Kensington, London, where we have been now for over 35 years, where our loyal clientele return in search of the rare and exceptional, and where you will always be welcome.

For further information please visit the company website.

Media, Fairs & Exhibitions
Michael German Antiques remains closely connected with our clientele through our various social media activities, and enjoys an active and loyal following.

We are present on our website, through our subscription newsletter, and can be followed on instagram.

We have exhibited at numerous fairs in the UK, including both BADA and LAPADA fairs, and have for many years been involved in vetting activities for the various fairs in the UK.

Opening Times

By appointment only.


38B Kensington Church Street
W8 4BX

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