Conciliation Service

LAPADA Conciliation Service

In the unlikely event of a dispute arising between a client and a dealer, LAPADA offers a free conciliation service. It is often the case that the dispute is actually a misunderstanding or the result of incomplete information, and it is helpful to have a third party available to assist in clarifying the details. LAPADA believes that in most cases the best way to resolve a dispute is by friendly agreement between both parties. The alternative could be legal proceedings leading to the possibility of disproportionate costs, lengthy proceedings and an unpredictable outcome. Conciliation is not the same as arbitration or a judicial hearing. For more information, please contact [email protected].

The Association does not become party to a dispute and cannot and does not in any way interfere with the statutory or legal rights of either party.

Please note that this service is for dealer/consumer disputes and is not available for trade disputes.