1930 Electric Annual Clock with Globe


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Object Description

This is a very rare find. This compact mains electric clock from c.1930 makes an interesting desk timepiece.

The globe has a ring around the equator showing times for day (black numerals on a silvered ground)  and night (silver numbers on a black ground). As the globe turns on its axis once a day, so the time is indicated on a pointer mounted on a static bar at the front. The hemispherical chrome dome at the back depicts night-time; as the globe rotates, so the countries are moved into darkness.

A further complication is the indication of the tilt of the earth through the seasons. Although the mounting axis remains static, a cam within the movement tilts the chrome dome forwards and back, to mimic the tilting of the earth relative to the sun generating our seasonal variations. Two dials in the circular base indicate minutes, and months. Manually turning the month knob illustrates the action of the rising and falling dome.

The movement is concealed within the base, and runs very quietly.

It is really unusual to see a paper globe where there is not significant damage. This one appears to be absolutely perfect. It is also a very interesting snapshot of a time in history .

Dating the clock has been made possible by the names of countries and cities on the globe – the inclusion of Leningrad and Constantinople, and Arabia for example allow us to date it with reasonable certainty to the period 1924-1932.

Object Condition

It is fully functioning, will be overhauled and re-wired, and guaranteed for 3 years.

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