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Behind the Scenes of Bespoke Mount Making with Dauphin

We recently sat down with Alex Abbott from Approved Service Provider Dauphin, the renowned makers of some of the most exquisite mounts and acrylic fabrications in the world. In this interview, we explore the artistry and innovation that goes into creating bespoke mounts, as well as the fascinating commissions the company has undertaken.

An Introduction to Public Art Commissions

Public art commissions have been around for millennia. Their implementation is a lengthy process that requires project management, careful planning and flexibility. Here, member Renée Pfister discusses the process of bringing a public work of art to fruition.
orkney chairs

LAPADA Guide to Orkney Chairs

The Orkney Chair is probably one of the most iconic pieces of Scottish vernacular furniture. Now highly collectable (with examples at the Victoria & Albert Museum), Orkney chairs were originally made with a very practical design. The chair style that we know today was standardised in the mid-19th century by David Kirkness of Kirkwall. It is assumed…
antique tea caddies

LAPADA Guide to Antique Tea Caddies

Exquisite design and craftsmanship give antique tea caddies an enduring appeal. Here, member Mark Goodger discusses their history and his advice for collecting.
18th Century chest of drawers

A Short History of Chests of Drawers

Though they are found in nearly every bedroom today, the history of chests of drawers began only a few hundred years ago. Whilst the coffer chest was in use from the 13th century onwards, it was not until the late 17th century that the use of drawers in chests emerged. This coincided with an increasing…

Toys for the Boys (& Girls)

One of my favourite categories of the rich and varied objets d’arts proffered by our members are the gadgets and gizmos that for want of a better word are often referred to as ‘toys for the boys’. Outdated and sexist? Possibly, as they are certainly as appealing to me as to anyone of the opposite…
interior design webinar

Watch LAPADA x Political Tours Webinar – ‘Confined Design’

Lockdown has undoubtedly changed the way we live, and many of us are now devoting more time to our own immediate surroundings. to take a look at how people are changing their homes. LAPADA CEO Freya Simms, alongside longtime member Helen Linfield of Wakelin & Linfield recently took part in a webinar hosted by travel…

LAPADA Guide to Pietra Dura

Though it’s today one of the lesser-known ‘decorative arts’, the technique of pietra dura is highly prized and widely used, and can be found in settings ranging from antique jewellery boxes to the walls of the Taj Mahal.