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LAPADA Guide to Selecting the Right Chimneypiece for your Home

A chimneypiece is essentially a decorative surround that frames the opening of a fireplace. It has been seen for centuries as the focal point of a room. Furniture is organised around it, and prized artworks or beautiful mirrors above it. Without one, a room for entertaining or relaxing can often feel without a centrepiece.
Jewellery of Roaring Twenties

Jewellery of the Roaring Twenties

As the current twenties are off to a rocky start, we thought we’d take a look back at The Roaring Twenties and the fabulous jewellery they produced. This was a decade of economic prosperity and unprecedented freedoms in the Western world. People flocked to the cities from rural areas and with new technologies being invented,…

LAPADA Guide to Games & Card Tables

Boards for playing games such backgammon and chequers have been used since Tudor times. However, bar a few exceptions, it was only after the restoration of English monarchy in 1660, under Charles II, that tables were made specifically for games.

5 Reasons Antiques Are Good for the Planet (And You!)

We love antiques for the character and style they bring to our homes, but have you considered how antiques are good for the planet as well? Here are a few of the ways antiques can help reduce your carbon footprint: Reduces landfill When you buy a new piece of furniture, as soon as it leaves the…

LAPADA Guide to Collecting Archibald Knox

Archibald Knox was the brilliant Manx designer for Liberty in the period 1898-1906. During this period he designed (not made) everything from wallpaper to jewellery, though his most famous work was for Liberty’s Cymric silver range and Tudric pewter range.
collecting coins

LAPADA Guide to Collecting Coins

Coin collecting is a passion dating back to ancient times, encompassing all types of currency: coins, tokens, medals, paper money and related objects. Known as the ‘hobby of Kings’ since the Renaissance, famous coin collectors include Lorenzo de Medici, King Louis XIV of France and the first Roman Emperor Augustus. Coins can immortalize particular moments in history and are extremely valuable to archaeologists and historians.

Homes & Antiques’ Guide to Chairs

Antiques expert Judith Miller and LAPADA Members Peter Woodward of 3details and Holly Johnson of Holly Johnson Antiques pass on their insider tips to ensure you find a lasting, and affordable seat.

The Ivory Act: update

Many antiques lovers may have been following the challenge to the Ivory Act brought by the Friends of Antique Cultural Treasures (FACT). The judgement, following the judicial review, was announced yesterday (5/11/19) and did not find in favour of FACT; it can be read in full here. A date for the implementation of the Act…