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LAPADA Members cover virtually all disciplines and historical periods, ranging from classical artefacts to Contemporary art. Each dealer is an established specialist in their field, and can happily offer guidance and support whether you are a novice buyer or are cultivating an existing collection. As a member of our Association they are required to abide by our Code of Practice, ensuring expert, transparent conduct at all times.

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LAPADA Associate Members comprise dealers who, though having begun trading more recently than full LAPADA Members, like them abide by the LAPADA Code of Practice and offer a high standard of art and antiques. Paired with a LAPADA Member mentor, following a three year period Associate Members enter into full membership of the association.

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LAPADA Approved Service Providers are businesses with significant experience in industries related to or servicing the art and antiques trade. Ranging from restorers, to shippers, to web designers, our ASPs provide help and support to both the trade and private collectors and owners of art and antiques.

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Honorary Accredited Experts

This honorary accreditation is bestowed by the LAPADA Board of Directors to acknowledge non-dealers with outstanding expertise across the realm of the fine or decorative arts who champion the dissemination of knowledge in these areas, such work being in keeping with the interests and goals of LAPADA.

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