19th Century Paris Porcelain Tea Set Featuring Napoleonic Portraits

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Object Description

A fine delicate porcelain tea set comprised of 28 pieces, It encompasses a teapot , creamer , tray, sugar bowl ,twelve teacups and twelve saucers. The teapot is in the neoclassical form with a gryphon-head shaped spout that can be often found made circa 1820s-1850s along with the laurel leaf designs typical of the era. The bodies of the pieces feature a red-ground painted onto white with decorative gilding and a Napoleonic portrait featured on each. Each piece is signed underneath with the name identifying the individual’s portrait and includes: Napoleon, Josephine, various generals (only two of the cups are missing the identification). The porcelain pieces feature variations of a crowned N mark, but this is irrelevant to their identification as this is common practice for Paris porcelain pieces and similar works feature other various markings. A rectangular cranberry ground porcelain tray decorated with a floral motif and gilding. Marked underneath with a triangular mark with JPT. This tray has a number incised into the porcelain (manufacture/set number), and has a gilded.

Dimensions: Teapot, H :25cm, W: 23.5cm, D: 15cm
Creamer, H: 18cm, W: 10cm, D: 9cm
Sugar bowl, H: 11.5cm, Diameters: 11.5cm
Teacups, H: 8cm, W: 7cm, D: 9cm
Saucers, H: 2cm, Diameters: 12.5cm
Tray, H: 3cm, W: 35cm, D: 16.5cm

Object Condition

Very Good

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