19th Century Theatre themed Limoges enamel painting

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Object Description

This charming enamel painting shows a gentleman, centrally positioned, being led by two women, one on each arm. The woman on his left has a troubled expression, her hair is grey, and she wears a dark red shawl and green costume, with a knife stored under her belt. She points up to the sky with her left hand. By comparison, the woman on the gentleman’s right looks cheerful, she has youthful blond hair, and is clad in a pink and white dress. In her left hand she holds a theatre mask.

‘David Garrick/ born Feb 9.1717/died Jan 20. 1779’ is written on the back of the plaque. Garrick was a well-known British actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer, practising in the 18th Century. This inscription implies that the gentleman depicted in the plaque is Garrick. It is possible the two women are personifications of the theatre genres, Comedy and Tragedy. This would explain the presence of the mask and dagger in the scene.

The plaque is displayed within a giltwood frame, which has been carved with beaded and rope-like borders, and decorated with flowers and plants.

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