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Solid silver caddy spoons sold separately: from £55.00 s
1. Early Nineteenth Century solid silver tea caddy spoon with shell bowl and bright cut handle. 10.50cm high x 4.50cm wide. 5.00 Grams: Joseph Wilmore Birmngham 1826. £125.00 SOLD
2. Solid silver leaf tea caddy spoon.11.50cm high x 4.00cm wide. Silversmiths: Joseph Wilmore Birmingham 1836. £375.00 SOLD
3. Solid silver caddy spoon in the shape of a shovel. 10.50cm high 2.50cm wide. 9.33 grams: Portuguese Circa 1830 £165.00 SOLD
4. Continental 835 solid silver tea caddy spoon. 9.90cm high x 3.40cm wide. 13.99 grams 1900 £55.00 SOLD
5. C18th Silver Tea Caddy Spoon. 9.00cm high x 3.70cm wide. 19.28 grams.: Joseph Bradbury London 1778. £195.00 SOLD
6. C18th Silver Tea Caddy 9.00cm high x 3.50cm wide.: Peter and Ann Bateman London 1796. £160.00 SOLD
7. C19th Silver Tea Caddy Spoon with unusual decoration to the 9.70cm high x .40cm wide. 46 grams: Thomas Marples Birmingham 1829 £145.00 SOLD
8. Early C19th Silver Tea Caddy.9.30cm high x 3.60cm wide. 19.28 gramsSilversmiths: William Fearn and William Eley London 1804. £145.00 SOLD
9. Early C19th Silver Tea Caddy Spoon with bright cut decoration. 7.50cm high x 3.50cm wide 4.00 GramsSilversmiths: John Turner London 1802.£165.00 SOLD
10. Antique Silver Tea Caddy Spoon. 9.00cm high x 3.50cm wide.18.66 grams: Elizabeth Morley London 1812. £195.00 SOLD
11. Early C19th Silver Tea Caddy Spoon with bead edge decoration. 8.40cm high x 4.20cm wide 13.06 grams Silversmith: Thomas Wallis 1804. £165.00 SOLD
12.Antiques Silver Tea Caddy Spoon. 7.70cm high x 3.00cm wide. 0.27 Grams Silversmiths Nathaniel Smith & Co. Sheffield 1791. £150.00 SOLD

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