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Selection of solid silver Ladles. Sold separately. Listed from left to right:

1. Nineteenth Century solid silver sauce ladle with deep bowl. 21.00cm high x 7.50cm wide 71.84 grams Circa 1800 £85.00

2. Georgian silver toddy ladle 15.00cm high x 4.00cm 31.10 grams. Silversmiths: Charles Boyton 1 London 1832 £68.00

3. Early Nineteenth century solid silver sauce ladle 17.30cm high x 6.30cm Silversmiths: Joseph Ash London 1811 £110.00

4. Very heavy solid silver sauce ladle 17.00cm high x 5.50cm wide 95.17 grams. Silversmiths: Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company. Regent Street. London 1916. 
Company founded in 1880 by William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman which amalgamated into Garrard & Co in 1952. £135.00

5. Early Nineteenth century solid silver sauce ladle. 18.00cm high x 6.50cm wide 66.86 grams Silversmiths: Soloman Hougham London 1806 £60.00

6 Solid silver sauce Ladle.16.00cm high x 5.00cm wide 58.47 grams Silversmiths: Mappin and Webb Sheffield 1961. £60.00

7. Heavy solid silver sauce ladle 18.00cm high x 6.00cm wide 86.46 grams Silversmiths: William Sutton and Sons. Sheffield 1916. £120.00

8. Early Nineteenth century solid silver sauce ladle 8.50cm high x 6.30cm wide 71.53 grams Silversmiths: Abstinando King London 1831 £85.00

9. Georgian solid silver sauce ladle 9.00cm high x 5.30cm wide 48.52 grams Silversmiths: Peter Bateman and William Bateman. London 1806. £90.00

10 George 111 solid silver sauce ladle. 17.30cm high x 6.30cm wide 45.41 grams Silversmiths: William Eley and William Fearn London 1801 £125.00

11. Heavy solid silver ladle 18.40cm high x 6.50cm wide 65.93 Silversmiths: Robert Wallis. London 1838 £95.00

12. Heavy solid silver ladle 19.00cm high x 6.00cm wide 93.30 grams Silversmiths: The Portland Co. (Later Francis Higgins 111) London 1862 £95.00

GBP 60.00-145.00 (Pound Sterling)

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