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1.Pair solid silver Napkin Rings in original box. 1.79 Troy oz. Silversmiths: Harrison brothers and George Howson Sheffield 1937. Monogrammed with the letter M £75.00

2. Four matching solid silver Napkin Rings set in original boxes. 1.85 Troy oz. Silversmiths: 
Henry Griffith and Sons Birmingham 1962. £135.00 SOLD

3. Pair of solid silver circular Napkin Rings. 1.29 oz. 3 cm high x 4.40 cm diameter. Silversmiths: Henry Griffiths and Sons. Birmingham 1959. Stored in a Victorian napkin box. £135.00

4.Silver Napkin Ring in original leather case. 1.70 cm high x 4.00 cm in diameter. Silversmiths: John Rose 1902-197 Hockley Street, Birmingham £75.00

5.Antique Sterling Napkin Ring. Unusual American Silver Napkin Ring Commemorating the 400 years since the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Engraved inside the ring is “Exposition Columbus World’s 1492-1892.” This was sold at the World’s Trade Fair in Chicago in 1892. Presented In a Nineteenth century napkin case. 2.50 cm high x 4.00 cm in diameter. 0.86 oz. £125.00

6. Antique solid Silver boxed Napkin Ring. Un-engraved. 2.5 cm high x 4.30 cm in diameter. 0.63 oz. Silversmiths: John Thompson & Sons 1899-1928. (Date letter missing) £60.00

7. Solid Silver Napkin Ring in box. Un-engraved. 3.00 cm high x 4.20 cm in diameter. 0.41 oz. Silversmiths: Henry Griffiths & Sons Ltd. Birmingham and Leamington Spa. £45.00

8.Solid Silver circular Napkin Ring in antique Domed Napkin Box. 2.80 cm high x 4.00 cm in diameter. 0.56 oz. Silversmtihs: Josiah Williams & Co (David Landsborough Fullerton) Augustine Parade Bristol. £75.00 

9.Three solid Silver Napkin Rings. 2.5 cm high x 4.00 cm in diameter. 1.40 oz. Silversmiths: Gorham Manufacturing Co. Sterling Works Birmingham and Providence Rhode island USA. £110.00 

10. Heavy decorative Silver Napkin Ring. 2.70 cm high x 4.70 cm in diameter. 1.04 oz. Silversmiths: Aspreys Bond Street London. Set in an antique domed box of the retailers Pilington and Bally Diamond Merchants Liverpool and Manchester. All small silver items will be supplied with a gift bag and posted tracked and insured within the price. £145.00 

11.Boxed Solid Silver Napkin Ring in antique napkin box. 2.80 cm high x 5.00 cm in diameter. 0.63 oz.Un-engraved. £105.00

12. Pair large Solid Silver Napkin Rings with reeded edge. Original box. 3cm high x 4.50 cm in diameter. 1.82 troy oz. Silversmtihs: Josiah Williams & Co (David Landsborough Fullerton) Augustine Parade, Bristol. London 1926. Retailed by R L Christie 17,18,19 & 20 Bank Street Edinburgh. £195.00

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