A fine Japanese lacquer dish depicting the Seven Lucky Gods aboard the Takarabune

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Object Description

This wonderful Japanese red and gold lacquer dish (dating from the late 19th Century) shows the Seven Lucky Gods aboard their ship, the Takarabune. It is believed that this mythical ship was used by the gods to safely transport their most treasured possessions including the hat of invisibility and the bag of fortune. On a hard wood stand.

Object History

The Takarabune

In Japanese folklore the Takarabune is a treasure ship sailed through the skies by the Seven Lucky Gods during the first three days of the New Year. It is an essential part of Japanese New Year celebrations, the ship carries many treasures including the hat of invisibility, the bottomless purse, scrolls of wisdom and life, the keys to the secret treasure shed of the gods, the magic mallet, the lucky raincoat, the fairy feather robe and the bag of fortune. It is said to dock at Human ports spreading luck and joy and distributing gifts for the New Year.

It is customary to place a woodblock print of the Takarabune under your pillow on the 2nd January in the hopes that you will have a lucky dream. In the event of a nightmare the print must be thrown in a river. This tradition started in the Muromachi Period (1336-1573) and grew popular in the Edo period, it is still a tradition followed today. It is customary to present Children with a red envelope of money emblazoned with the Takarabune symbol.

Object Condition

Excellent, light wear consistent with age

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