A Large Damascus Enamelled Copper Panel, Syria, 19th Century

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of rectangular form in five horizontal sections mounted on wood, comprising fifteen copper panels decorated in polychrome enamel with inscription-filled cartouches interspersed by floral and foliate motifs.

Inscriptions: Qur’an, chapter XLVIII (al-fath), parts of verse 27, which refers to the ‘Sacred Mosque’ (masjid al-haram), known as the Great Mosque in Mecca; Qur’an, chapter II (al-baqarah), verses 255 and part of verse 256; Qur’an, chapter L (ghafir), part of verse 44; Qur’an, chapter II (al-baqarah), part of verse 144; Qur’an, chapter III (al-‘imran), part of verse 133; Qur’an, chapter I (al-fatihah); Qur’an, chapter CXII (al-ikhlas); Qur’an, chapter XXXIII (al-zumar), verse 53; a form of the shahadah; Qur’an, chapter CVI (quraysh); Qur’an, chapter III (al-‘imran), part of verse 97, which refers to the Station of Abraham (maqam Ibrahim), a small square stone associated with Abraham in Mecca; repeat of ‘God is my Lord’ (8 times) and ‘God suffices me’ (4 times).

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