A Lavish 16th Century Renaissance Dressoir.

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Object Description

A magnificent French renaissance dressoir dating from the late 16th century with later restorations. This dressoir was most likely made in Burgundy, where many of these cupboards are associated with local famous furniture sculptors such as Hugues Sambin of Dijon 1520 – 1601.
This piece would have been commissioned by a person of great wealth and power and the dressoir would have accentuated this in the property that it once stood.
Cupboards such as this are a rarity to the market ,as most are in private collections and museums around the world.
This example is of extremely high quality and lavishly carved throughout with an abundance of decorations.
The top has full figure supports with the centre support depicting saint Judith holding the severed head of Holophernes.
To the right front support is Neptune and Salacia with a mythical type beast behind them.
To the right hand side at the back is a female support with a large bird at her feet and this is possibly a depiction of Hecate the goddess of witchcraft and magic.
To the far left front support is a depiction of Mars and Venus with their son Cupid standing behind them, his bow and quiver of arrows at his feet.
To the back left hand side , this support depicts saint John the Baptist with the lamb of god at his feet.
The right door is has a carved centre panel depicting diana the huntress, with boarders depicting cherubs and satyrs and garlands of fruit with a snail and a grasshopper at the bottom and two birds either side of a basket of fruit at the top. The left hand door depicts a reclining phyche holding a mirror and surrounded by gifts from Cupid. The panel is surrounded by finely carved boarders depicting cherubs and monkeys with garlands of fruit with a lizard and a frog at the bottom and two birds either side of a basket of fruit at the top.
The locks on the doors are later replacements but both are fully functioning and have a key.
Below the cupboards are two drawers with small iron loop handles, finely carved garlands of fruit and foliage with rams heads at either end and a satyr mask in the centre.
The cupboard is supported by two large dual breasted and winged mythical satyr beasts having serpent type bodies. The back panel has applied caryatids both with their heads slightly turned and looking outwards. The centre panel with a carved roundel – depicting a reclining Venus and two breasted sphinxes either side.
The potboard below has further carving depicting more garlands of fruit and rams heads with another satyr mask in the centre, all in turn supported by finely turned and carved feet.
The dressoir has traces of past wood worm damage, and has restorations commensurate with age.
This piece has superb colour and patination and is in excellent condition.

Object Condition

ware and restorations commensurate with age, overall in excellent condition.

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