A Pair of Japanese Meiji Period Tsuiki vases with a bamboo design


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Object Description

A pair of Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912) Tsuiki vases with an interesting asymmetric divide and elegant multimetal bamboo design.
The main metal of these vases is likely to be silver or suzu (pewter) as both were used in the Tsuiki artform.

Signed Shobun (Masafumi)

Object History


Bamboo is a symbol of purity and innocence, due to it’s extensive root structure it is also revered for it’s strength and for years if there was and earthquake people were told to run into a bamboo grove as it’s roots would hold the earth together.


Tsuiki is a type of very painstaking metalwork technique using pewter or silver, and object and design is shaped by hand hammering. It requires a very high level of skill.

Object Condition

Condition – Excellent, there is minor expected tarnishing to the metal which can easily be removed if desired.

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