A Pair of Patinated Bronze Figures Of The Egyptian High Priest 'Pastophore' and The Egyptian Scribe 'Hierogrammate' By Emile Louis Picault (French, 1833-1915)

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Object Description

A Pair of Patinated Bronze Figures Of The Egyptian High Priest ‘Pastophore’ and The Egyptian Scribe ‘Hierogrammate’ By Emile Louis Picault (French, 1833-1915).

Each signed ‘Picault’.

Gilt and patinated bronze. Red and black marble.
Made as part of a limited edition attributed to Georges Émile Henri Servant.

The figures of an Ancient Egyptian Priest and Scribe are cast in gilt and rich patinated bronze which highlights the contrast between skin and clothing. An added touch of opulence is given by the red marble elements to the vase and attribute that they hold.

A Pastophorus is a type of priest in ancient Egypt, responsible for carrying holy shrines in official ceremonies or processions. A Hierogrammat is a writer of sacred records especially in hieroglyphics.

France, Circa 1880.

Object History

Picault was a student of Louis Royer and exhibited a wide genre of sculpture at the Paris Salon from 1860 to 1909. His Egyptian figures, of Queens and Pharaohs and Priests and Priestesses, are amongst his most popular works. They follow in the tradition of ethnographic decorative sculpture in France during the late Nineteenth Century and the fashion for Egyptian subjects which followed Napoleon’s campaigns in the Nile delta. The overly ornate head-dresses, complicated pleats and accessories echo the romantic ideals of the late 19th century.

The fondeur and bronzier Georges Servant was recorded at 137, rue Vieille-du-Temple,
Paris. He specialized in the Greek and Egyptian Revival style and was a medallist at the
major international exhibitions between 1867 and 1887.

These figures of ‘Pastophore’ and ‘Hierogrammate’ were cast in two sizes. The present examples measuring 53 cm. high. A related pair are preserved collection of Aberystwyth University School of Art Museum and Galleries.

Object Literature

Kjellberg, Pierre. Les Bronzes du XIXe siècle, Les Editions de l’Amateur. (Paris), 1986; p 542-3.

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