A pair of very finely carved Japanese wood figures (1868-1912)

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Object Description

These large figures have a very distinct and bold art style. The intricate wood carving, further decorated with fine gold lacquer details. They depict a noble man and courtesan, both wearing very fine layer kimono and platform Geta, to elevate them from any puddles and to display status. The female figure can be identified as a courtesan from her elaborate hairpins and obi which fastens at the front, the obi is lavishly decorated with a large koi carp swimming up a waterfall, the word Koi in Japanese sounds similar to the word for love so could hint a romance between the courtesan and nobleman.

Object Condition

Offered in very good condition. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information, photographs or to arrange a viewing.

Object Details

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    H:46 centimeters
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