A stylish pair of miniature vases signed Nogawa


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Object Description

A stylish pair of miniature bronze and multi-metal vases signed Nogawa.

Square base and neck and an oval shaped body with both vases displaying scenes of Mount Fuji. On the reverse one vase depicts a full moon appearing from behind trees and the other shows a sail boat off the coast. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional photographs.

Object History


The moon is the subject of much mythology in Japan, it’s depiction can symbolize national well-being (From Shinto beliefs) or inner enlightenment (Buddhist beliefs)

Mount Fuji

Fuji is a stratovolcanic mountain, it is 3775 meters tall and the 35th tallest mountain in the world. It is praised for it’s attractive symmetry which has made it the subject of many poems and works of art. It is an important symbol of Japan and has huge significance in the Shinto religion, there are many shrines at the base and on the acsent of Fuji, they honor Princess Konohanasakuya the Kami (Deity) who’s symbol is cherry blossom.

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