An Extraordinary Huge French Leather Model Of A Doberman Pinscher Dog Wearing Elaborate Collar With Ormolu Mounts And Harnesses

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Object Description

An Extraordinary Huge French Leather Model of a Doberman Pinscher Dog Wearing Elaborate Collar with Ormolu Mounts and Harnesses

French – Circa 1880

This incredibly lifelike oversized portrayal of a Doberman stand 1.33 meters in height is executed entirely in leather with the addition of glass eyes and some gilt metal mounts. The sheer scale of this piece, which is truly massive and larger than life, is very unusual but it is the detailing of the collar and body harness which suggests that this is a portrait of a particular dog rather than simply a generic image.

The dog’s collar, which is comparable to those produced for dogs owned by the very wealthy during the 18th and 19th centuries, is profusely mounted with ormolu. The cost of these mounts alone would have made this a very expensive commission.

Additionally, the main mount, under the dog’s chin, is fascinating as it portrays the French eagle associated with Napoleon and the first Empire period. Napoleon himself was said to have hated dogs for much of his life until having something of an epiphany late in his military career. When exiled on Elba he had a black and white dog so this dog cannot be an image of the emperor’s companion. Who this noble dog was, therefore, must remain a mystery at this point but he was clearly well-loved and thought worthy of commemoration and this leather sculpture is a fitting tribute to man’s best friend.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:125 x H:133 x D:44 centimeters
  • period
  • country
  • year
    Circa 1880

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