Ancient Egyptian Turquoise Faience Ushabti for Pa-di-pep

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Object Description

An Egyptian turquoise glazed, faience shabti with hieroglyphs to the reverse. The figure is depicted in typical form wearing a lappet-wig, framing a modelled face with a beard, now slightly chipped. Parallel hands, resting beneath the chest, hold an adze, a hoe and the string of the seed-basket that hangs over the shoulder. The front of the shabti is undecorated, but the back-pillar is inscribed with two columns of hieroglyphs. The inscription is as follows:

̉I wsbtỉ (ỉ)pn ỉr nḏ tw Wsỉr Pꜣ-dỉ-pp (Right column, top to bottom)

msn Bꜣstt-ỉỉr-dỉ-st mk (wỉ) kꜣ.k (Left column, top to bottom)

This translates as:

O, this ushebti, if the Osiris, Pa-di-pep

Born to Bastet-ir-dis, is called upon ‘here (I am)’ you shall say.

The shabti has been mounted on a custom made wooden stand.

Date: Circa 664-595 BC
Period: Late Period, late 26th Dynasty

Object History

Bodo Bleß (1940-2022) collection, Berlin, both acquired in July 1962 from Gallery 85 (as recorded in Mr Bleß’s photo album). Acquired from Bonhams Auctions, 2023. The tomb of Pa-di-pep was located in Saqqara, discovered west of the Pyramid of Teti in 1893.

Object Condition

Excellent condition, chip to beard. The shabti itself measures 14.2cm height

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:4 x H:16.7 centimeters

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