Antique Italian Gilt And Silver Monstrance

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Object Description

A rare medieval copper gilt and silver monstrance with a steeple top. The central section has a glass hinged door flanked either side by two niches containing the figures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul; the pillar tops are detachable. The knopped stem is mounted with 4 saint figures. The hexafoil foot, beautifully engraved and chased, is mounted with 3 silver discs engraved with Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Sebastian. The underside bears an engraved inscription in old Italian, dated 1524, for the Italian church of San Piero di Porto di Legnago, near Verona.
Height 38.5 cm. Width 14.8 cm.
Date circa 1524.
There are no silver marks which is normal for a religious article of such an early date.

Object Literature

A Monstrance (in the Roman Catholic Church) is an open or transparent receptacle in which the consecrated Host is displayed for veneration. These can often take the same form as a Reliquary which provides a means of protecting and displaying relics.

Object Condition

The condition of this historic piece is generally very good throughout. The gilding is still very good and bright with some losses on the highlights. The hexafoil base shows some metal wear. Only one of the four pillar tops can be removed at the moment.

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