Antique Porcelain Group of Bacchus and Attendants by Meissen

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Object Description

This piece is a superb example of the work of the Meissen porcelain manufactory. Modelled by E. A. Leuteritz in the 19th century based upon earlier models, it is a group piece, showing the God Bacchus attended by a small band of fellow revellers. The figures grow in size as the composition rises, culminating with the figure of the youthful Bacchus, and the glass of wine he raises just above his head. He can also be identified by the thyrsus, the traditional vine staff, in his left hand, and by the leopard skin draped across his lap. He sits upon a barrel, and a nymph just below him to his left pours wine from a large jug into a goblet held out by a seated faun to Bacchus’ right. A winged putto at the center also appears keen to join in the revelry, also holding out a full glass. Foliage and vines are scattered across the piece, which along with the red of the wine, the gold on the thyrsus and barrel-tap, and the purples and lilacs on objects like the nymph’s fallen drapery, add these charming splashes of colour to complement the radiant white glaze of the underlying porcelain. The piece, with its interest in these charming and idyllic classical motifs, is an excellent example of Meissen skill and artistry.

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