Antique Sampler, 1786, by Honnour Dight


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Object Description

1783 Verse Sampler by Honnour Dight. Framed in an old wood frame with rippled, old glass. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in cross stitch and Algerian eye. Fixed to board with wood backing. No border, divider lines in various patterns. Colours pale blue, cream, yellow, green and browns. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and numbers 1-9. Verses read, ‘HOnnOUR DIGHT WAS BORn SEPTEMBER THE 20 In 1771 1783 HOnnOUR DIGHT IS MY NAME>EnGLAND IS MY NATION FIVE>HEAD IS MY DWELLInG PLACE>AnD CHRIST IS MY SALVATIOn>AWAKe ARISe BeHOLD THOU>HAST THY LIFe IS A LeAF THY>BReATH IS A BLAST AT NIGHT>LY DOWn PReARe TO HAVe>THY SLeAP ThY DeAth ThY BeAd>ThY GRAVe’. And, ‘Our Father Which Art in Heaven>Hallowed be thy Name thy kingdom>com thy will be done in earth as it is in>heaven give uf thif day our daily>bread and forgive us our trespafs>es as we Forgive them that trespafs>against us and lead us not in to tem>ptation but deliver us from evil amen’. Signed and dated ‘Febuary 3 1786 Honnour Digh>angford Fivehead Somerset’. Single crown with cross motif.

Object Condition

Good. A few patchy stains. A few loose threads. Colours are slightly faded, but still well defined. Unevenly stretched. Frame showing wear and chips, but structurally sound.

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