Antique Sampler, 1814, 'Tree of Life', by Mary Sandler


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Object Description

Antique Sampler, 1814, ‘Tree of Life’, by Mary Sandler. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Zig zag border. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and in lower case, numbers 1-24. Inscription reads ‘The Tree of Life Wich bear twelve manner of fruits and Yielded her fruit every month and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations Likewise a view of the new Jerusalem and this Present evil world with the industry of Gospel Ministers in endevouring to Pluck sinners from the wroth to come’. Tree of life adorned with life’s fruits: Ressurection, Perseverance, Death, Eternal Redemption, Promises, Stripes, Imprisonment, Righteousness, Reproach, Shame, Goodwill, Poverty, Sanctification, Obedience, Security, Election, Peace, Victory, Everlasting love, Pardon, Fasting, Temptation, Circumcision and Baptism. Signed ‘MARY SADLER BORN JUNE THE 29 IN THE YEAR OF 1803 Finisht JULY THE 13 1814’. A wonderful set of motifs including Jesus on a cross that becomes the tree of life. Dogs, birds, insects, unusual flower arrangements in pots, fir trees, trees, blossoming trees and flowers. Framed in an old ‘molded composition over wood’ frame with glass, and spacers for air gap. Mounting: sampler loosely stitched to linen over acid free mountboard. Holes disguised with matching material behind. Frame backed with acid free backboard sealed with tape. Dimensions exclude the frame and slip.

Object Condition

Generally Good. A number of holes. Slight patchy staining in the corners. No stitch losses other than to the holed areas. Colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading. No colour run. Stretching is somewhat uneven. Frame in good condition.

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