Antique Sampler, 1816 Silkwork 'Britania' Sampler by Mary Atkinson

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Object Description

1816 Silkwork Sampler by Mary Atkinson. Framed in an old wood frame with gilt slip and glass. Glued around the edge to linen, and padded with wadding. Chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on fine linen ground. Meandering leafy border. Colours olive green, cream, dark green, light green, magenta, copper and gold. Signed and dated ‘Mary Atkinson : Taught by E. Williams 1816’. Finely embroidered motif of Britannia (upper torso and head is drawn on the canvas, not stitched) standing at the shore below a tree, sailing ship in the background.

Object Condition

Good. A few holes. Stain to the ground above Britannia. A few pale stain specks. No stitch loss. Colours are mostly good and strong with no noticeable fading. The silks bright and glossy. No colour run. Neatly and evenly stretched. Frame in good condition, ready to hang

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