Antique Sampler, c.1830 'PROCRASTINATION' Sampler by Mary Anna Farnham


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Object Description

Circa 1830 Sampler by Mary Anna Farnham. Framed in an old wood frame with rippled, old glass. Stitched to wood backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Simple line borders with a meandering floral border in the middle. Colours black, green, light brown, copper, blue and cream. Wonderful verse entitled ‘PROCRASTINATION’ reads ‘IF life’s a lamp that soon will cease to burn> Unhappy they who do its work adjourn,> And till to morrow wou’d that work delay> Their lazy morrow will be like to day.> Who sets about, hath half perform’d the deed> Dare to be wise; and if you wou’d succeed.> Begin: the young who have it in their pow’r> To practice virtue, yet delay the hour,> Wait till the river pass away, but lo!> Ceasless it flows, and will for ever flow.’ Verse entitled ‘PRIDE’ reads ‘ O PRIDE, thou dropsy of he mind,> Of self-delusion born;> Hateful to God: by all mankind,> In others, seen with scorn.’ Signed ‘Mary Anna Farnham Aged 9 Years’. A good set of motifs, including a house with a garden, potted flowering plants, flowers and fruit baskets.

Object Condition

Generally Good. A number of holes, mainly to the edges. A few pale stains. No stitch losses other than to the holed areas. Colours are slightly faded but still well defined. No colour run. Stretching is slightly uneven. Frame showing wear and chips, but structurally sound.

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