Antique solid silver inscribed mantel clock

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This charming silver mantel clock has a fascinating history, having probably been made as a commemorative item. It dates from the 19th Century in Spain, and is the work of Spanish silversmith Jacinto Carreras (active 19th Century), who has produced some intricate metalwork in casting and decorating this clock.

The clock is modelled as a male bust atop a square clock case on a rectangular plinth. It is built entirely from solid silver, with a central gilt dial with Arabic numerals. Around the dial there are finely-worked relief decorations, showing allegorical figures representing Music and Literature as well as the coats of arms of Barcelona and Argentina supported by swans and acanthus leaves. At either side of the clock case there is further ornamentation, in the form of cornucopiae, farming tools and a caduceus.

At the top of the clock case there is an inscription reading ‘El. S. D. Jaime Llavallol Nacio en Barcelona el 8 Set’bre de 1760 y murio en Buenos Ayres el 13 Oct’bre de 1838’ (‘Mr. Jaime Llavallol was born in Barcelona on September 8th 1760 and passed on October 13th 1838, in Buenos Aires.’) Presumably the male bust atop the clock case is a bust of Mr Jaime Llavallol.

The base of the clock is mounted with an inscribed plaque reading ‘Ejemplo de honviadez, piadoso, humano Modesto humilde afable y generoso Servia de modelo al ciudadano Al comerciante al padre y al esposa’ (‘Example of integrity, compassion, a humane, modest, humble, friendly and generous man. He was a model citizen, and an exemplary business-man, father and husband’.

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