Blue Beaded Mummy Mask with Funerary Face, Four Sons of Horus and Winged Scarab


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Object Description

A fine Egyptian mummy mask made of small faience beads, restrung in their original arrangement. Yellow, black, and red tones have been used to render a stylised human face with a neutral expression. The large trapezoid eyes, long thing eyebrows, broad nose and small mouth are arranged in a symmetrical manner. The mask is enriched by a tripartite panel under the chin of the mask, which display a beaded composition of a winged scarab, rendered in blue faience beads with yellow faience outlining the shape of the central scarab. Under the beaded scarab are the Four Sons of Horus; Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi, Qebehsenuef. It is very rare to have this enlarged group rather than just the face. Elongated faience beads in turquoise, frame the entire composition. Such masks would have been placed over the face of the deceased at their burial, as part of a larger burial shroud.

Date: Circa 664-332 BC
Period: Late Dynastic Period

Object Condition

Extremely fine, restrung.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:11.9 x H:21.5 centimeters

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