Byzantine Gold Histamenon Swivel Pendant

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Object Description

A Byzantine pendant featuring a gold histamenon nomisma coin of Michael VII Ducas, set in an elegant, modern silver and gold frame. The front of the pendant features the coin’s obverse, which depicts the bust of Christ holding the book of gospels. A nimbate cross is set behind his head, displaying a decorative motif to each limb. The letters IC and XC are set in the field at either side of the bust. The letters are an abbreviation of Christ’s name in Greek, written as; Ιησου̑ς Ξριστὸς, taking the first two letters of each name. The reverse features the profile of the Byzantine emperor, Michael VII Ducas. He appears facing us, bearded and wearing a crown and loros. He holds in his hands a labarum and a globe with a cross. Above his head is the legend +ΜΙΧΑΗΛ RΑCIΛ O Δ.

The coin has been set in a circular, modern 18k, gold frame. A swivel attachment, in sterling silver, is attached to the frame by way of two large circular terminals. These leads to a semi-circular handle, which twists at the centre to provide a loop attachment for a chain. Spaced evenly on the silver handle are four granulated bands, adding a further decorative element to the pendant. The gold frame of the pendant has been hallmarked by a Hatton Garden jeweller.

Please be aware that the chain is for reference only, we do have chains available upon enquiry.

Date: Circa AD 1071-1078

Object Condition

Very fine condition. Original coin has been trimmed.

Object Details

  • diameter
    3 centimeters

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