Cold painted bronze lamp with Orientalist subject by Bergman

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Object Description

Cold painted bronze lamp with Orientalist subject by Bergman
Austrian, circa 1910
Height 46cm, width 21cm, depth 12.5cm

The Bergman Foundry, renowned for its impeccable work in the early 20th-century Viennese art scene, showcases its mastery in this Orientalist bronze lamp, adorned with cold-painting. It’s not just a lamp, but a testament to an era and a craft.

At the heart of the design, an elegantly posed male Arab figure takes a moment of tranquillity on an integrated prayer rug base. His demeanour, emphasized by crossed legs and a cup gently held in his left hand, breathes life into the scene. An intricately detailed hookah on a nearby table, accompanied by a pot-bearing plate, further punctuates the serene tableau.

Above him, a minaret-inspired lamp graces the scene, its delicate moon-shaped trinkets swaying from chains. Suspended from a faux-wooden edifice that replicates the intricate grain and nuances of real wood, the lamp’s story is deepened. Adornments of a shield and interlocking rifles hint at tales filled with tradition, and perhaps a hint of adventure.

Every aspect of this lamp, from the detailed casting to the rich, nuanced cold painting, showcases the artisan’s fervour and dedication. A ‘Made in Austria’ stamp cements its authenticity, making it more than just a decorative item.

Hailing from the legendary Bergman Foundry, its presence is a blend of art, history, and functionality – a centrepiece sure to captivate and ignite conversations.

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