Early Coke's Hartebeest dated 1909

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Object Description

Very early Coke’s Hartebeest dated 15 mar. 1909 Athi Plains (Kenya)

This is one hunting trophy of different trophy’s ( including a few pairs) of a small collection what is coming from a Scottish estate.

Once sold by the famous Rowland ward ltd 16, Piccadilly London
price: £ 475

Object History

James Rowland Ward (1848–1912) was a British taxidermist and founder of the firm Rowland Ward Limited of Piccadilly, London. The company specialised in and was renowned for its taxidermy work on birds and big-game trophies, but it did other types of work as well. In creating many practical items from antlers, feathers, feet, skins, and tusks, the Rowland Ward company made fashionable items from animal parts, such as zebra-hoof inkwells, antler furniture, and elephant-feet umbrella stands.

Object Condition

in very good condition, the ear’s rim are tiny little bit fritted

Object Details

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