Early Serapi Heriz

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Object Description

This exquisite Serapi Heriz carpet dating circa 1870’s has a bold graphic design that is more naïve in comparison  to other examples of it’s genre.  Another interesting feature is that the colour of the central field is the same as the main border which is an interesting departure from the traditional, classical indigo/navy blue border.

The array of natural dyed colours including terracotta red, sky blue, green and ivory have aged gracefully.

A stylish example with a charming naivety that adds sophistication to a variety of settings.

Object History

Antique Serapi Heriz carpets are widely appreciated for the tribal individuality of their design, highly artistic patterns and clever use of vegetable-dyed colours.  They are revered for their aesthetically appealing designs.  The tribal characteristics of Serapi Heriz carpets allow them to blend well in both contemporary and classic spaces.

Object Condition

This 19th century Serapi Heriz carpet is in very good practical condition for everyday use.  It has still retained its original outer borders on all sides and has a wonderful, soft wool pile.

Object Details

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