Egyptian Faience Amulet of a Cat

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Object Description

An Egyptian amulet of a sitting cat made from turquoise faience. The feline is depicted seated, her weight braced upon her bent hind legs, tucked into her body. Her forelegs are elegantly straight, leading to a curved chest. A narrow and elongated face follow, moulded with feline features and topped with two large pointed ears. There is a large suspension hoop to the rear and an integral base on which the cat sits. The amulet has been made in turquoise faience, now faded slightly to green, with additional patches of black.

Date: Circa 945 – 525 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period – Late Period, Dynasty 22 – 26

Object History

Ex AH private collection. Acquired from the 1980s. Purchased by St James Ancient Art in 2023.

Object Condition


Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:1.6 x H:5.2 x D:4 centimeters

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