Egyptian Hardstone Pesesh-kef Amulet

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Object Description

An Egyptian amulet carved from alabaster, featuring natural striations of white, cream and brown. The amulet tapers from a wide, flat base to a pointed tip with wings protruding on either side near the top. The obverse of the amulet is flat and features a vertical, linear incision running through the centre, deeper towards the edges. Three linear incisions run horizontally across the neck. Diagonal incisions line the connection of the wings to the body. The reverse of the amulet is smooth and slightly convex. The shape and markings imply this amulet could be a pesesh-kef amulet, a ritual instrument used in the ‘Opening of the Mouth Ceremony’ which granted the deceased the ability of physical faculties in the afterlife.

Date: Circa 664-332 BC
Period: Late Period

Object History

Ex. Early 20th Century collection, UK

Object Condition

Very good condition.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:1.9 x H:3.1 centimeters

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