Egyptian Hyksos Period Swivel Ring with Scarab

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Object Description

An ancient Egyptian bronze swivel ring set with a steatite scarab from the Hyksos period. The obverse is simple in nature, with a vaguely moulded shape to the clypeus and head. Incised indentations mark the humeral callosities. The reverse features a detailed scene with a central falcon figure, flanked by two undulating uraeii. An elongated crocodile sits beneath the other three signs to complete the scene. The scarab has been pierced longitudinally for suspension upon a metal wire, which was curled around a plain, bronze, rounded band. Evidence of the curled wire can still be seen, however there is encrustation to the whole band. Swivel rings could have a practical function, the scarab used as a personal seal, or they could simply be decorative and worn for their apotropaic status.

Measurements given below are the external width of the band and to the external edge of the scarab.

Date: Circa 1750–1550 BC
Period: Hkysos Period, 17th – 15th Dynasty

Object History

Ex major S.M., London, Collection 1970-2010.

Object Condition

Very fine condition. Some repair to the scarab and ring no longer swivels.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:2.8 x x D:3.1 centimeters

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