Empire style gilt bronze and mirror surtout de table centrepiece

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Object Description

Empire style gilt bronze and mirror surtout de table centrepiece
French, 20th Century
Height 13.5cm, width 318cm, depth 66.5cm

This French-crafted table centrepiece, or ‘surtout de table,’ stands as a testament to the heritage of European grand dining traditions.

The seven-sectioned masterpiece, meant to display exquisite objects of beauty, traditionally housed candelabra, and vases, often filled with a myriad of decorations, from flowers to fruits and decorative figurines. The use of this type of centrepieces was mostly prevalent in 18th and 19th century Europe when the introduction of the service à la russe in formal dinners, where waiters serve each course sequentially individually plated, meant that dinner tables were free from serveware and could be filled with decorations. Their use persists today mostly in grand dinner settings.

The mirrored surface of the piece, enclosed within an intricate ormolu gallery, showcases various motifs. Grape vines intertwined with playful putti figures unify the design, with their vine leaf and fruit headdresses. The table’s base is ornamented with finely-cast ormolu flowers, enriching the entire border of the mirrored panels.

Natural motifs extend to the feet of the piece, adorned with flora, and tied ribbons. Each foot embodies Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, known as Bacchus in Rome. His visage is festooned with vine leaves and grapes. The flexible design of the piece, allows for addition or removal of any of the various independent sections, making it adjustable to the length of any table.

This ‘surtout de table’ elevates any dining space, emphasizing the displayed items and the exceptional skill of its creators. With its exquisite craftsmanship and varied decorations, its addition to a table landscape gives it not only grandeur but also charm.

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