Fabergé style bejewelled and enamelled gold egg by Asprey

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Object Description

This exceptional, 18 carat gold easter egg was crafted by the famous London-based royal jewellers, Asprey & Co. The piece was then retailed by Garrard & Co, who once worked in collaboration with Asprey, producing luxury jewellery and silver for an elite clientele.

The egg has been crafted from gold filigree — that is, gold wires interwoven to make a delicate lace-like pattern. The gold is arranged to form the image of a peacock, with a magnificent fanned train, composed of red, dark blue and green coloured plique-à-jour enamel. The light blue body of the peacock, and its long swirling light and dark blue tail feathers, have been crafted from intricate guilloché enamel, which is often found on Fabergé style eggs like this. White enamel flowers decorate the area around the peacock. A silver, diamond-encrusted band encircles the lower body of the egg.

Contained inside the easter egg is a small, gold oval-shaped box, which takes the form of a peacock. The peacock has a dark blue neck and red wings, both composed of plique-à-jour enamel, while its light blue head, and light and dark blue tail feathers have been coloured with guilloché enamel. The peacock’s crest, upper neck and back are inlaid with diamonds, and its eyes are formed of emeralds.

It is appropriate that this fine, bejewelled gold egg and box are decorated with peacocks. For centuries, peacocks have been symbols of wealth, luxury, and ostentatious display.

‘A plc’, for Asprey & Co and full sets of gold hallmarks are stamped onto the two pieces. The easter egg is contained within a fitted case, which bears the mark of ‘Garrard/The Crown Jewellers’.

Egg- Height 20cm, diameter 10cm
Case- Height 27.5cm, width 22cm, depth 21.5cm

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