Fine Signed c. 1920 Tabriz Carpet

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Object Description

Fine Signed Tabriz Carpet, c. 1920
3.82 x 2.85 m

The city of Tabriz in Northwest Persia has long been known as a centre for Persian arts, culture, and literature, but especially for the quality of its carpets, with a tradition dating back as early as the 14th Century. Thanks to its location, incorporating influences from nearby Azerbaijan and Turkey, its weavings are among the most diverse of any city in Iran, and antique Tabriz carpets are especially distinguished by their tight weaves and close adherence to the traditions of Classical Persian rug weaving design.

This carpet, dating to the 1920s, and bearing the signature of one of the master weavers of its era, is a particularly rare and sophisticated example of its type, since it demonstrates a much greater creative freedom than one would expect of a Tabriz rug from this period. With a rare ivory ground, this carpet is a unique example of its type, with a creative but restrained composition, featuring simplified design motifs from earlier, more classical Tabriz weavings, reflecting a modern artistic sensibility. One especially attractive feature is the uniformity of colour across the field and the border, rather than the conventional stark contrast, lending the work a sense of space and balance. The drawing employs a pleasantly restrained palette, including tones of muted hazelnut and cornflower blue, framed by a wide border.

Retained in very good condition for everyday use, with its borders well preserved on all sides – its vegetable dyed colours have taken on a charming patina with age.

A handsome carpet, to suit a wide variety of interiors.

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