French Perpetual Calendar Four Glass Clock


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Object Description

A decoratively stunning and mechanically interesting piece – this late 19th century French four glass clock has a two-piece dial with visible escapement, over a perpetual calendar with equation of time indication and a separate thermometer and  barometer.

The regilded brass four glass case is in perfect condition, glazed to all four sides, and with front and rear opening doors. The four instrument dials appear as a unit to be suspended in mid-air, the brackets being very discreet.

The clock strikes the hours and the passing of the half hour on a bell. It has a mercury pendulum with twin vials, and a two-piece white enamel dial. The escapement is visible through the centre with its jewelled pallets.  The dial is signed BALL & EDWARDS, PARIS. The movement is also signed for Ball & Edwards, with the serial number 18601. It has blued steel moon hands.

The lower calendar dial has a round moon phase within the painted sky scene. The day of the week and date are on separate dials, and a chapter ring shows the months indicated by a gilt sun hand. Within this chapter are the equation of time calculations, so that the mean solar time shown in the top dial can be equated to apparent solar time, as indicated by a sundial.

Between the two are a two smaller dials. To the left a curved mercury thermometer tube is graded in Centigrade on the outer edge, and Fahrenheit on the inner edge. The right-hand instrument is an aneroid barometer.

Object History

Ball & Edwards were late 19th century high-class Birmingham jewellers, who commissioned clocks and retailed them under their own name. It appears that they also had premises in Paris.

Object Condition

The movements have been overhauled and are guaranteed for 3 years.

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