George II Antique Silver Chamberstick

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Object Description

An early English sterling silver chamber stick (also known as a go to bed) with a simple C shaped handle and reeded rim. Solid design and excellent heavy gauge silver as you’d expect from this date.

Weight 256 grams, 8.2 troy ounces.
Diameter 13.5cm. Spread 15.5cm. Height 6.5cm.
London 1732.
Maker Thomas Causton, a known candlestick maker.
Sterling silver.

Marks. Stamped underneath with a full set of clear English silver hallmarks, the top of the stick has the lion mark.

Object Literature

Silver chambersticks first made an appearance in the 17th century and early examples are now very hard to find. Originally they were made in sets as a household would need many chambersticks. They were used for lighting the way to bed and because of the movement created when they were carried about they needed a large drip pan to catch the wax. The earliest examples have straight handles (first flat, then tubular) which were superseded in the first part of the 18th century by a ring handle. Gradually the design evolved and from the mid 18th century onwards they usually had a matching conical snuffer although from about 1790 onwards some were made with an aperture at the base of the stem to take a pair of scissor snuffers.

Object Condition

In good condition. Some surface scratches and unevenness. The rim is a little out of shape. Good colour

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