George II Silver Salver


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Object Description

A good antique silver salver of plain design with a shaped border. With contemporary hand engraved crest of a portcullis. These small size trays are often referred to as waiters and are ideal for use with small objects such as glasses and bottles.

Weight 267 grams, 8.5 troy ounces.

Diameter 16cm. Height 2.5cm.

London 1734.

Maker John Tuite.

Sterling silver.

John Tuite was apprenticed to John Matthews of Dublin goldsmiths in 1703 and worked in Dublin from 1710 to 1720 before moving to London in 1723. Tuite specialised in making salvers and had a very distinctive makers mark incorporating a ewer with his initials “IT”. Died 1740.

Object History

Arms. The portcullis was the heraldic badge of the House of Beaufort, and the first Tudor king, Henry VII. Since then, the portcullis has been a moderately common motif of English heraldry, especially that heraldry dating from the Tudor period.

The portcullis has become the primary symbol of Parliament and during the 20th century, use of the portcullis as a symbol of Parliament has spread beyond Britain and to the other Commonwealth realms; for instance, the coat of arms of Canberra features a portcullis in its crest, preserving a connection between the British Parliament at Westminster and the Australian Parliament to which Canberra is home.

Object Literature

The traditional form of salver with plain flat surfaces and small feet at the edge, rarely found before the reign of George I, was made in various forms such as round, rectangular, oval and octagonal and are an ideal starting off point for collectors of early silver.
The term “waiter” is not commonly used but relates to small examples less than 6 or 7 inches; these have become very popular now to stand a bottle or wine glass.

Object Condition

The salver is in very good condition. Stamped with a full set of English silver hallmarks.

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