Han Terracotta Polychrome Painted Hu

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Object Description

A finely sculpted Han terracotta hu features a semi-globular body supported by a flared base, which gradually tapers into a long neck. It has a wide opening with an everted rim. The neck is fully ornamented with floral and geometric patterns, painted in red pigments. There are two stripes, painted in beige pigments, encircling the shoulder and the bottom of the neck. The Kui patterns, stylistically derived from the decoration seen on traditional Chinese bronze wares, decorate the body of this Hu vessel. Two handle prompts attached on each side in relief, depicted in Taotie patterns, stylistically imitate the archaic metal parallels.

Date: Circa 206 BC- AD 9
Period: Western Han Dynasty

Object History

From the collection of a West Country gentleman, formed in 1970s.

Object Condition

Good condition, with polychrome pigments surviving on the surfaces.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:27.2 x H:42.2 centimeters

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