Object Description

Historical Interesting 3 Pieces of Jewellery of the Actress Anny Ondra

Three historical interesting, very stylish beautiful pieces of jewellery,

The golden jewellery is mounted with Citrine.
Dimensions Pendant:

high: 80mm wide: 37mm thick: 9mm mount
Size citrine 36mm high 28mm wide
Total Weight of the pendant:88 grams


Inside diameter: high 52mm 57mm wide inside
Bracelet is wide: 27mm
Thickness of the bracelet: top 12mm bottom 4mm
Size citrine: 21mm 21mm
Total Weight of the bracelet: 98 grams

The ring:
Inside diameter: high 19mm wide 18mm
Outside diameter: high 31mm 21 wide
Size citrine: 23mm high 17mm

Total weight of ring: 22 grams

Object History

These beautiful pieces belonged to the famous Actress: Anny Ondra, (1903 -1987)
A famous Czech, Austrian and German Actress.
She was married with:
Max Schmeling, ( 1905 -2005 ) heavy weight boxing world champion of: 1930-1932.
Anny Ondra has also played in two movies of Alfred Hitchcock.

After Anny Ondra died, Max Schmeling has sold a part of the property of Anny Ondra including these three pieces of jewellery bij Christie’s in Amsterdam.

Object Condition

overall in good original used condition

Object Classification

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