Immense 17th Century Flemish wool verdure tapestry

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Immense 17th Century Flemish wool verdure tapestry
Flemish, 17th Century
Height 323cm, width 424cm

This very large and exquisite tapestry was crafted in wool in Flanders during the 17th Century, following the tradition of verdure tapestries. These tapestries, also known as “green tapestries,” exclusively depict plant forms as a way to pay homage to the beauty of nature.

The tapestry’s central panel transports viewers to a realm dominated by nature’s splendour. It showcases a landscape filled with majestic trees, lush foliage, and delicate flowers. Behind this greenery, one can catch a glimpse of a concealed body of water.

The central panel is encased by an elaborate border adorned with royal masks and delicate blooms arranged in a dense and opulent composition. This intricately decorated border bestows a lavish appearance to the tapestry. Positioned at each corner of the tapestry are four masks representing mythological figures. These masks are nestled within architectural elements, evoking a sense of grandeur.

Additionally, four masks in the middle of each side of the frame accompany a cartouche, depicting smaller yet equally verdant landscapes. The cartouches themselves are nestled amidst foliage motifs. To convey this sense of natural beauty, the carpet is predominantly in shades of green, light blue, ochre, and terracotta.

By the 16th century, verdure tapestries depicting foliage had gained immense popularity in Flanders. In the latter half of the 17th Century, landscape elements gradually found their way into these tapestries, as exemplified by this piece, which features a particularly interesting innovation in the body of water depicted.

Of impressive size, this tapestry commands attention and becomes the centrepiece of any room. It effortlessly transforms any space into a tranquil and elegant sanctuary. Its very fine weaving work and rich texture contribute to a captivating ambiance that captures the essence of a serene haven.

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