Large antique carved white marble Medici vase garden urn

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Object Description

Large antique carved white marble Medici vase garden urn
Continental, 20th Century
Height 73cm, diameter 55cm

Crafted in the 20th century, this radiant white marble garden urn emanates an aura of timeless elegance. Drawing its aesthetic inspiration from the legendary Medici vase, a monumental urn sculpted in Classical Greece, this piece resonates with echoes of ancient history and impeccable artistry.

The urn embraces the classic campana, or bell-shaped, form, mirroring the striking proportions and grace of its historical muse. The marble’s natural grey veining breathes life into its smooth, white surface, introducing a quiet yet engaging element of visual intrigue. This unique characteristic infuses the urn with a distinct character as the stone’s natural presentation feels imposing and striking.

The vase is poised atop an expertly chiselled pedestal, its square-shaped based and subtly offering a superb counterpoint to the smooth elegance of the vase’s body.

Exhibiting a design that strikes a delightful balance between simplicity and sophistication, this campana-form urn is primed to enrich any outdoor space. Its versatile nature allows it to serve as a dignified vessel for showcasing lush greenery or vibrant blossoms.

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