Large Chinese Han Dynasty Pottery Dancer

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Object Description

An elegant and large grey earthenware Han Dynasty figure of a dancer. The clothing is typical, shown in the form of a flowing long-sleeved robe, the shoes, just visible under the folds of the hem. The figure retains the original white slip and added decoration has been provided in red, umber and black pigments to show the facial features and the hair which forms a long pony tail down below the shoulders. The potters have succeeded in imparting a vibrant sense of fluidity, displaying realism in the stance and through the curves of the long draped sleeves that add movement and dimension.

Grave goods were an important status symbol in Ancient China, so the affluent and important would be accompanied in their travels through the afterlife with numerous depictions of people and items, made for the service and entertainment of the owner, so that their journey would be a happy one.

Object Condition

Very fine, complete and intact. The slip and painted decoration a little rubbed in places but largely extant, with light earthy accretions.

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